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Flow with Molly

What is Yoga? To me, yoga is light, lifting you to higher frequencies. Yoga introduces you to who you are. On your mat, it's just you and the practice. A place to push limits and discover new avenues of physical, emotional and spiritual strength. My class is a cohesive experience of power, sweat, breath and soul. A journey of letting go in your own discovery and moving with purpose from the heart. 



y7 Yoga. hot Hiphop Yoga in a dark room.

 Click here to sign up. Weekly:

  • Tuesday 6am express & 7am WFH Y7 UNSQ

  • HipHopWednesday

    • 630am Express/730am TriBeCa - back in OCT

    • 10:30am BK 

  • Keep an eye out on insta for new classes weekly subs!

Tangerine Yoga, in Brooklyn!

 Click here to sign up. Weekly:

  • Monday 6:30am

  • Tuesday 3:30

  • Thursday 5:15pm & 6:45pm (who dares double)

  • Keep an eye out on insta for sub announcements

Chelsea Piers BK

  • Tuesday 5:15pm

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Reach out to schedule a private, group or corporate session. First, we meet to discuss your personal needs and goals, then we move. Whether that be a 1-hour yoga flow, a 15min guided meditation, a 30min HIIT workout or a discussion about personalized wellness tools, these sessions are created in partnership to empower you to feel great and live better.

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  • I am always happy to bring some good vibes, movement and zen to events that you are already planning. It's simple, just reach out with a quick description of the event and lets connect!


"Being new to yoga, I entered Molly's class with hesitation and anxiety. Molly immediately made me feel comfortable, relaxed, and connected. The class was equal parts challenging and relaxing. Her guidance allowed me to push myself to discover new, exciting positions and techniques. I'd recommend Molly's class for newbies and veteran yogis alike."



"Molly’s class is the perfect combination of being both energetic and zen — Molly’s sunny energy and west-coast vibe make for an inspiring and rejuvenating experience that takes you through a wide range of postures and powerful flows.  By the end, you feel happy and fully worked out — a beautifully arced class that is fun and utterly satisfying!  PS her playlist is awesome."

Yoga itself does not have any religion. It is self transformation for well being.
— Sarath Jois